About Us

About Us

Eothen Homes is a Christian organisation focused on providing a very personalised and flexible service. We have been providing care since 1950 and residents’ needs are of the utmost importance to us with the team striving to provide the very best lifestyle based on each person’s abilities, interests and background.

Our aim is to provide a home from home for our residents and we encourage everyone to bring in some of their own possessions when they come to live with us so they are surrounded by familiar things.

An elderly lady stroking a dog

Structure and Head Office staff

Organisational Structure

The organisation is governed by a voluntary board of trustees chaired by Mr Ian Thomson and the Chief Executive, Mrs Jenny Hearl, is the registered provider on behalf of Eothen. The Head Office team consists of a further 8 people who support the homes in providing the high standard of care for which Eothen has become known. We have many long serving members of staff at the homes who are committed to working together to provide the consistent, compassionate care needed to maintain those standards.